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...even more video footage of Gordon Hayward playing video games!

Utah Jazz forward Gordon Hayward is a gamer. He's also allowed to talk about it and not be vilified like Andrei Kirilenko was. Check out this interview he did while previewing some new game modes and maps for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 for the XBOX 360.

So for those counting at home . . . . he talks about MW3, Halo, Starcraft II, *and* admits that he's already logged in hours and hours in Diablo III (which just came out). He's not really missing that girlfriend of his, he's super busy. Hope he's busy on the court too this off-season. Every year Andrei was trashed by Jazz fans for not working on his shot or developing a stronger body. Gordon did manage to shoot 18.2 fg% and 8.3 3pt% in the playoffs a few weeks ago. We know the media is giving Hayward a pass for all the stuff he's admitting to (playing video games till 3 am). I'm sure they'll give him a pass if Hayward also doesn't improve.

I know he will, but just wanted to put those facts out there. I went easy on Gordon when I talked about our playoff struggles. He was a major factor in those struggles. He is a competitor and will try hard to get better this off-season. If he doesn't develop Carpal-Tunnel syndrome first.