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SI's Sam Amick interviews Coach Jerry Sloan, Jerry to "talk to Charlotte tomorrow."

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Sports Illustrated Sam Amick interviewed Jerry Sloan and their talk is up on the SI site -- you can see it all here. There are a number of interesting points made in it. Our cousins over at Rufus on Fire, the SBN Charlotte Bobcats site, already put their take on the interview here. We're all praying for Cardboard Gerald, and I think the points he focuses on are things I honestly did not think of. As a Bobcats fan they are concerned with Jerry Sloan, not from the point that he's super oldschool and does not tolerate tanking -- but because they fear he has no experience with coaching a rebuilding team. (Yes, it was a pleasant surprise to know that concerns of Bobcat fans aren't the same concerns as Jazz fans)

In the interview with Amick, Jerry dispels that concern succinctly: You spent most of your coaching life going to the arena expecting to win almost every single night. Do you think it would be quite an adjustment to take on a job like Charlotte (which finished with a record-low .106 winning percentage)?

Sloan: You've got to realize that I played on an expansion team in my second year [the 1966-67 Chicago Bulls]. We were supposed to win 10 games. And you deal with a bunch of guys who are willing to work and put in a lot of effort, you never know what can happen. We won 33 games, and I think we were the only expansion team to make the playoffs.

That, to me, was an interesting thing to be involved with. I don't mean to say that [the Bobcats] are an expansion team, but they've struggled some and you never know. Maybe the minds work together and something comes out of it. Maybe they don't. I don't know.

There's more to it than just the challenge, or going to a place bereft of expectations. Jerry talks about his health and how he's feeling great. He talks about the other teams that may or may not be interested in him (the Orlando Magic and possibly Portland Trail Blazers). But most of all, he does talk about being interested in coaching again. Period.

Check out the full interview here. And check out the Bobcats coverage of it here.