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It's a SLC Dunk Party -- and everyone is invited!

No need to Lurk . . . it's a party!
No need to Lurk . . . it's a party!

Hey everyone, I really like all the communication we're having here at the site. It's the off-season and we're in-between events (season ended, but it's not quite NBA draft time yet). No time like now to have a party! Other SBN blogs have been 'calling out the lurkers' : Bright Side of the Sun (Suns); Celtics Blog (Celtics); Fear the Sword (Cavaliers); Liberty Ballers (76ers); Mavs Moneyball (Mavericks); Welcome To Loud City (Thunder)... to name a few. I think we can do those blogs one better. Instead of calling out the lurkers -- let's just have a party where everyone is invited!

Because we're a family friendly site let's have a pot luck. (I guess this is Internet stake? Did I use that right?) Let's get to re-introduce ourselves to each other and say something about who you are and why you are a Jazz fan.

Let me start:

Hi everyone, my name is Amar. You can find me here, and on twitter (@AllthatAmar , @AllthatAmar2). I live in Detroit, Michigan and love the Jazz. I brought Grilled Tandoori spiced chicken, and a healthy all veg chili. Help yourselves! I think Karl Malone and Andrei Kirilenko would have been awesome together in an alternate universe. Woo! I am excited!