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Who Gets the Pick, the Warriors and Jazz in Talks

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Marc Stein from ESPN reported that there is chatting going on between the Jazz and the Warriors.

Among the Warriors' options to retain their 2012 pick outright is offering Utah a combination of future draft considerations, cash and/or a relaxation of the current restrictions on Utah's rights to the pick in question in either 2013 or 2014. At present, Golden State's 2013 pick is top-seven protected and its 2014 pick is top-six protected.

KOC has stated several times that he thinks we have enough youth on this team. In this last interview on 1280 the Zone, KOC even called his team the Diaper Brigade. Last season we were only the 18th oldest team in the league. We have a strong core of four young players (five with Jeremy Evans).

All reports indicate that the 2012 NBA Draft is deep. I like having the option of the pick as an asset. Having extra draft picks moved us up to get Deron William, it also landed us players like Al Jefferson.

I'd be upset if a deal goes down that the Warriors get the pick for "cash considerations". I don't really care how rich Greg Miller gets. I have not seen one dime from the Eric Maynor/Matt Harpring trade with OKC or the cash considerations the Jazz got from New Jersey last year .

I know I have been doing all I can to stay on the good side of karma. I have let people in my lanes, I have held doors for people etc. I know that rxmike is planning on donating blood on Wednesday. I hope we are not doing it to line Greg's pockets with more cash.

Now if they give up the pick this year for cash or draft picks does that mean we won't get it next year or do we only keep it if they do the deal where the terms are "relaxed" for next year?