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Alec Lam has joined the party!


No doubt you've noticed this guy Alec Lam tearing it up at SLC Dunk. Some people may have slept on him but he's our own Alec Burks -- just with somehow less playing time if that's possible. The quality of his work is outstanding and we're just happy to have him posting his stuff whenever he can. If there was a guy on twitter who has Swagg it's this guy. And Alec Lam has joined the party here.

So everyone give it up for Alec, because he's been working his butt off so far and deserves more burn / shine. My bad for not doing this post earlier . . . I'm just stuffed from the great meal I had today with SLC Dunker Dyl. (Yes, Amar will wine and dine the readers of this blog, ha ha) Please follow Alec on twitter @AlecLam14 !

SLC Dunk - Big things coming . . .

Also I forgot to add this . . .