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NBA Playoffs 2012: Manu Ginobili of Game 1 = Gordon Hayward of Game 2 ?

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The San Antonio Spurs are a great team for many reasons. One of them, without a doubt, is due to the great all around play of All-World Guard Manu Ginobili. He does everything, even when he's having a poor shooting night he still finds ways to contribute. The Utah Jazz are not a great team, but one of the reasons why the Jazz fans expect a good future is because of second year wingman Gordon Hayward. They are far from the same player (height, experience, etc), but for their teams they are both expected to make things happen on offense and defense. Because I'm clearly insane I noticed that there was something very similar about the two . . .

Manu's forgettable Game 1 of the series looked a lot like Gordon's forgettable Game 2 of the series.


Manu Ginobili Gordon Hayward
San Antonio Spurs Utah Jazz
Game 1 Game 2
Minutes 25 28
Points 7 8
FGM 3 3
FGA 10 10
FTM 1 2
FTA 2 2
3PTM 0 0
3PTA 2 2
Assists 4 4
Turn Overs 3 1
Rebounds 3 2
Steals 2 0

So, I guess we can say that in the playoffs when both these guys are near their worst -- they are kind of similar. For the Jazz, though, they want the similarities to extend to when both are playing their best as well. Utah will need that type of metamorphosis from Hayward if they ever want to win a playoffs series in the future.