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NBA 2012 Draft Lottery - Today's the big day

Today is the big day, the NBA Draft Lottery . . . the reason why this day is important is because the results of today determine if the Utah Jazz will have a first round draft pick this year, or not. I honestly don't expect the Jazz to make a move to get back into the first round. That would actually take using one of our assets (you know, like all those trade exemptions we've been hording). We're really not going to do that. And our own draft pick is owned by the Minnesota Timberwolves as a part in the blockbuster Kosta Koufos / Al Jefferson trade from 2 years ago.

So, either the Golden State Warriors will keep their pick (by nearly a 3 to 4 margin), or give it up to us. In the cases where we get their pick, it will either be the #8, 9, or 10th. (Only a maximum of three teams can leap frog them) So this is a binary issue. Either we have a 1st round pick in 2012, or we do not. And our 1st round pick in 2012, regardless, is going to be a late lottery pick.

It would be nice to get another good player, but honestly, our front office has the pieces now to do some really good things. While adding another asset would be nice, we're kind of in a 'win now' mode, and we could move someone (or some people) for better parts. We don't need this 2012 lotto pick. Especially since Golden State is still on the hook to give us a pick in 2013 or later.

So moving into our transitory idea of Karma . . . which will always exist in a cyclic form . . . it doesn't matter if Mark Jackson is punished this year, or later. Just as long as things somehow work out in the end.

And with this guy, I am confident that they will.