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SBN's Tom Ziller asks "Who Deserves to win the NBA Draft?" Team bloggers make their case and Amar makes an ass of himself.

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What else is new? Shut up.

For the most part everyone gets along at this Utah Jazz Blog. And for the most part, everyone is congenial, friendly, and plays well with each other in our basketball blogging fraternity. Even people from different networks are always nice to one another. Well, Amar is kind of casting the first stone. Not because I'm inherently a contrarian; but rather because I really did not appreciate the Golden State Warriors super-duper tank mode this last year. They ended up losing 18 of their last 20 games. That doesn't happen by accident, you know, you have to work hard for those results.

Anyway, Tom Ziller (NBA Blogosphere royalty) asked all the blogs who have a stake in this lottery to make a case for their team. There are some really good answers given by our cousin blogs out there. Of course, I did not make a case for the Jazz, I made a case against the Warriors. Yikes. I guess I don't expect to be invited back for many of these in the future, ha ha.

Check it out, in full, here!

Oh, btw, since we're in full lotto mode today you can also check out ESPN's mock lotto machine here. It only takes a few trials to get a 'good' result. They seem to think the Warriors will go with Perry Jones at #7; however, if the Jazz take their pick we'll bee-line for Damian Lillard. And you can read a whole lot more about Lillard here, at the SBN college re-launched site "Mid-Major Madness". This profile was done by Brett Hein -- the guy who was gracious enough to do the Celtic Pride post that some people loved. Anyway, check out Brett's analytic work on Lillard if you are like me, and know nothing about him.

"Pics or it didn't happen" after the jump.



Add your own thoughts about who who win the lotto and your ESPN Mock draft results in the comments section! Aaaaannnnd -- come back to SLC Dunk tonight for a "Game Thread" for the lotto where we can share our concerns and fears in real time!