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NBA Draft 2012: Golden State Keeps #7 pick, Jazz need to start planning for #47


Well, earlier on tonight the Golden State Warriors retained their 'honor' by keeping the #7 draft pick. You know what? I'm happy about that. Why? Well, aside from it being my plan all along to get the draft pick next year for my boyfriend Myck Kabongo of Texas, it's good for a number of other reasons. The first is that the Warriors did not 'win' the lotto. They tanked to #7, and #7 they stayed at. The tanked not just for a lotto pick, but with the hopes of getting a top 3 pick. Which they failed at. So there. That's good. It's not just the silver lining of Golden State not WINNING the lotto, but take a look at our team. We have enough young guys that we can't find time for. It may be in our best interest to defer another lotto pick until next year (they aren't cheap like 2nd rounders are).

And lastly, it's not like this pick expires and vanishes into thin air. We have it for next year now, as a Top 6 protected. What expires are our trade exemptions and amnesty provisions. That's something we need to work with. Use it, or lose it, Kevin. As for the NBA Draft . . . we still do have a second round pick. UtesFan89 showed us what type of player is available at the end of the draft in this awesome post here. If you haven't checked it out already, you should do so now.

Some draft sites have already gotten their acts together. And this is something we're going to follow from here on out. Utah Jazz fans -- get used to these names!

Mock Draft 2012
Date Updated Site Player School
May 31 2012 . Henry Sims 6'11 242 C . Georgetown Sr.
May 30 2012 . Jae Crowder 6'6 225 SF . Marquette Sr.
May 30 2012 . Darius Johnson-Odom 6'2 215 SG . Marquette Sr.

I really don't know anything about these guys. But I'll try my best to give you a good idea in the next few weeks. (As well as other dudes who project to be on the board still) I really don't think the Jazz are going to trade back into the first round. That's a move that means doing work. The Jazz aren't going to do anything that requires making a hard decision. That's the team M.O. -- and it's not going to change now, during the 'deepest' draft in a billion years (if you can believe the hype).

Anyway, we have one pick. We didn't get a lotto pick. We move forward. Lots of other things we need to address this off-season.

Putting this in the post . . . because I don't know how to format this correctly for the comments section -- why I'm not too upset . . . because I really think Myck can become good over time a few years in the NBA:

Name Rajon Rondo Myck Kabongo
School Kentucky Texas
Year 2004-05 2011-12
Experience Freshman Freshman
Height 6'1 6'1
Games 34 34
MPG 25.1 30.6
PPG 8.1 9.6
PPS 1.37 1.39
FG% 51.0% 39.1%
FT% 58.3% 68.0%
FTA/Gm 3.0 5.1
3pt% 30.3% 31.6%
3PTA/Gm 1.0 2.3
APG 3.5 5.2
RPG 2.9 3.0
SPG 2.6 1.3

Not great, not bad. But lots of room to improve as they were both young - but had talent.