Casper Ware

I want to see him Wareing a Jazz uniform next year. If he is not available when we pick, we should try to try to trade all of our assets for him. Here are some reasons to pick Casper.

1. He is a Point Guard

Deron Williams is not going to be here forever. We need to replace him eventually, and this is the perfect time to do so. Casper will easily be the shortest guy on the team at 5'9, so he will be the perfect point guard for us.

2. He has a twitter.

Jazz fans have been waiting for months to follow a new player on twitter, especially after being betrayed by Fesenko. I think this would make a lot of the other players jealous, and want to resign with the Jazz to get their twitter followers up. Also, did anyone notice the fact that right after Fesenko got a twitter, the Pacers caught fire and almost beat the Heat? Coincidence?! I think not!

3. He has an afro.



3. His name is Casper

Boler and Harpring will be able to make a lot of Casper jokes next year, since the ones they have about the current players are getting old. Except Enes the Menes.

4. He is happier than Raja.

Let's trade Raja to a bad team and move up to pick Casper. Casper doesn't pout like Raja. Casper is younger than Raja. Raja should take his great fashion and bad attitude to a team that has no fashion.

5. He is from Long Beach State

Famous Alumni Include: Troy Tulowitzki, Steven Speilberg, Jered Weaver, Casper Ware, Misty May-Treanor, Evan Longoria.

6. Bryon Russell has not been to a game in a while

I miss Bryon. He went to Long Beach St. so this is a surefire way to get Bryon to come to another game. Maybe TNT will show him on TV. Hope so.

7. Ty will do his best not to give him any playing time

Which means he will be forced to give some to Alec and possibly Enes.

8. He will have a chip on his shoulder. gave him an overall rating of 0. That is a disgrace and he will be out to prove everyone that he is worth more than a 0. I am sure he will do that.

9. He is good friends with Nate Robinson, another short NBA player who has had a successful career.

He just said happy birthday to Nate on twitter.

10. He was MVP of the Drew League last year.

Lebron played in Drew League last year.

11. He is from Cerritos.

This means that his family is from close to LA, which means the Jazz will have fans the next time they visit Staples Center. This is big for Jazz Nation. His family will also probably have signage, and get a shout out from Matt Harpring. Maybe Bolerjack too. We can only find out if we trade up and draft him.

12. He has swag.

LinkI always thought he had a lot of talent, but he really started to blossom then. It'd be impossible not to have swag after that.

"-- Washington Wizards' guard Nick Young
on Ware's Drew League stint last summer

13. He has trended worldwide on twitter before, and has gotten tweeted about by Lebron James.

This will be a first in Jazz History. The other Jazz players will be in awe of his swag and twitter game. Casper will get the rest of the team (hopefully) on twitter and make them all trend.

14. He will be good for team chemistry.

The other players need a player to pick on, so Casper will help them feel less bad about picking on Enes.

15. Isiah Thomas is short.

Isiah is shorter than Jimmer. Casper is also shorter than Jimmer. Casper will be the next surprise short pick of the draft.

16. Nobody is talking about him in the media.

This means that Kevin O'Connor is drooling over him right now. I will be extremely surprised if the Jazz don't select him at 47, if not earlier.

17. His dad is also named Casper.

Other famous Jr's include: Floyd Mayweather Jr., Roy Jones Jr, Robert Downey Jr, Jr Smith, Al Gore Jr, Junior Seau, Martin Luther King Jr, Casper Ware Jr., Jrue Holiday, Karl Malone Jr,

This fall also might be the first time we had two Caspers in the ESA at the same time.

18. He will stay focused on his job.

Here is a good video of him doing work.

Casper Doin Work: Big West Mens Basketball Championship 2012 (via GazettesSports)

19. His team wore Yellow.
He won't be intimidated by the Lakers.

20. He is very versatile.

He can shoot and drive. He was both a senior and junior last year. He can play point guard and shooting guard. He is also older than Gordon Hayward, Derrick Favors, Alec Burks, and Enes Kanter, so he will be able to mentor them and help them mature.

21. He is funny.

The Jazz currently have not filled the vacancy left by FESS of funny guy on the team. Casper will probably be funny.

I will be very disappointed if the Jazz don't draft Casper.

Tell KOC to draft Casper.

Ty will like him.

So will everyone else.

Except Blake Ahearn.

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