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Quick Poll: Has the "experience" movement failed?

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You bet he took this shot. Experience.
You bet he took this shot. Experience.

All season long we danced around the 'youth movement'.

Youth = tanking, according to our front office

While in reality playing the youth = winning 9 of last 13 games (inc. 5 in a row) and making the playoffs

There apparently is a franchise wide cognitive dissonance in the Utah Jazz front office and coaching staff right now. Or perhaps, they just watch the game in a different way. I lean heavily upon the quantitative measurements of on-court production. Things like regular stats, advanced stats, rates, metrics, and scouting programs. Some of our experienced guys have been playing poorly; while our youth continues to languish with low playing time. This is clearly my point of view. I am not forcing anyone to adopt this point of view. I am interested to see what you all think, hence this poll.

Thank you.