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Jazz "Future" perimeter tandem of Gordon Hayward and Alec Burks don't really play together

Utah Jazz wings Gordon Hayward and Alec Burks don't really play together . . . but they should.


Since all the rules changes in the post-Uglyball era (think of those hard fouling New York Knicks teams, and slow paced Cleveland Cavaliers teams), this has become a guards league. Or increasingly, a guards league. You need offensive firepower from the outside to succeed. The Utah Jazz just may have the nascent beginnings of that with their their all around wing Gordon Hayward and combo guard Alec Burks. I'm a crazy person because I think both have the potential to be really good in this league. I think both could end up being Top 25 players in the same season - down the road. I may be crazy, but at least I'm not insane.

Insane is what you would call someone who has all this talent but plays them only 266 minutes together over the course of this season. For those keeping score at home, so far this season (regular season, plus overtime periods, plus three playoff games) has been 3377 minutes long. That means our future wing terror tandem have played only 7.88% of the possible time this season, together. Which actually takes a lot of planning when one of them has played in 69 of a total 69 games, and the other 62 of a total 69 games (DNP-Raja Bell).

By a direct comparison, Josh Howard (who has only played in 46 of 69 games) has still played 385 minutes with Gordon this year (10.60% of the year). What about Raja Bell? Well, Raja has played in only 34 of 69 games this year, and he has played in 519 minutes with Gordon (15.37%). Keep in mind that these are percentages FOR THE WHOLE YEAR. They did not play the whole year, and as a result, they actually played even MORE with Gordon during the year, and Burks has only caught up in their absence.

Burks has played zero minutes in the playoffs on the court with Gordon Hayward. Which seems dumb to me, as

a) they are both learning at the same pace here,

b) they can both help each other, and

c) both actually have futures with this team, unlike Raja and Josh.

You know, when I search the archives for a picture of them together on the court . . . this is what I find:


Seriously, that's why I had to make that shoddy photoshop up above. At this stage I know I'm preaching to the choir here. 7.88% of the year is too little to be playing them together -- especially since they are going to be good enough to be 40% of our starting lineup next year. (Sorry KOC, I don't care what crappy has-been wings you bring in as key free agents this year . . . you drafted great. Now we just need to play them minutes. Not keep them on the bench)