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NBA Playoffs 2012: Advice to the Utah Jazz from Courage Wolf

If you are reading this blog you probably know that the Utah Jazz face a 0-3 deficit to the San Antonio Spurs in the first round of the 2012 NBA Playoffs. Since this blog is on the internet you probably know about memes, one of my favorite is Courage Wolf. While he's not always safe for work he embodies a certain fire in his belly that is admirable. If anthropomorphic, two dimensional, internet animals could give our team a pep talk, clearly he is the one to get advice from. (Well, if PTSD Clarinet Boy is not available...)


This is really the essence of how you decide to play in the playoffs. Are you going to just take what the defense gives you (sorry Al Jefferson, you're best move isn't a 18 foot jumper), or force the issue inside (like Derrick Favors)? The pressure is off on the Jazz in this series because no one expects them to win. It is up to them to get over being afraid and take a win from the Spurs.

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No one remembers that guy. Especially not Jazz fans. We do remember which guys show up though, and champion them forever. Playing hard on the wrong end of a series closeout game >>> playing weak in a win. Our franchise is all about hard work, effort, and character. (Someone must have been on vacation when we signed Josh Howard) The Jazz need to show some tenacity and intensity on defense and protect the paint. If they just give up then the fans should too. If some players give up KOC should look to move them.


San Antonio may very well win this series, and in the zero-sum world of the NBA playoffs that means the Jazz did not succeed. It doesn't mean San Antonio still needs to have an easy time winning. Make it hard on them. Let them remember having played against the Jazz days after this game is up. (No more finesse finishes away from contact please...)