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Free Contest: Spurs Vs. Jazz Game 4 -- Guess the Game score!

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Guess the Game score #19: San Antonio Spurs ___ -- Utah Jazz ___

Yes, I know I haven't found the winners for the last one yet, but I've been kinda busy (I guess you guys may have missed the 5-7 posts a day at this site, including late night content looking at things like playing time, rotations, and who is producing . . . ). Shut up, Amar. I'll announce all the winner as soon as I can, most likely after tonight's game. So they'll be two new groups of winners to announce. Lucky me! And hopefully the Jazz win tonight so we get to do a Guess the Game Score #20! Even if the Jazz do not win -- YOU can still be a winner. How? By playing in the guess the game score contest. It's free. It's simple. I don't know how much fun it is. But at the end of the season we're having a draw to give out real prizes to the winners.

And you can't win prizes unless you play.

So do it, guess the game score for Game 4!

Spurs vs Jazz coverage

Spurs vs Jazz coverage

Spurs vs Jazz coverage