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NBA Playoffs 1994: @JJSportsBeat reviews the Jazz / Spurs First round series, tonight Jazz need to rediscover that passion for the game

Here the KSL team, specifically @JJSportsBeat, do a review of the Spurs / Jazz series from 1994.

I remember watching these games live on NBC. Man, that fire and intensity is something this placid, turn around push shot shooting Jazz team has been without for much of the season. I'd like to see more fire tonight. We're at home, and have nothing to lose. This video is a nice trip down memory lane for those of us Utah Jazz fans who have been following the team in terms of decades, not years.

Do we have any guys who'll play with that emotion tonight? If we want a win, we're going to need it. Thanks again to KSL and @JJSportsBeat!