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TheUtahJazzBlog 's Spencer teaches us what the Jazz learned in school today


I love our Utah Jazz fan community, and I wish I did more to participate and share great stories from other websites. It's pretty clear that I love Spencer ( @TheUtahJazzBlog ) and the rest of his crew at What I really appreciate is how each of us bloggers bring a certain spin to what we write. Well, spin is the wrong word; I mean we bring our critical tools from outside sports and use it to view the Jazz. As an educator Spencer viewed our play as a series of lessons. I think that's cool, because I look at our team in a more cold, clinical way that rubs people the wrong way. (Insert your own #KGTrashTalk here)

Check out this small excerpt:

"What did we learn about our situation?

First, making the playoffs is a helluva lot better than not making the playoffs. Ask Wesley Matthews who has been tweeting "would you rather" tweets for the past week and a half, "Lion King or Toy Story 3."

Second, We are getting better. We have made progress. We have learned from some of our mistakes.

Third, Gordon Hayward was not scared of the playoffs. I didn’t think he would be, but let’s be honest ,he played a good game in what is usually a bad situation for young players.

Fourth, our situation will get better..." - Spencer, at TheUtahJazzBlog

Please take a look at it, it's a very good read that helps us see our team and our teams' strengths/weaknesses/challenges in a more logical and reasoned way . . . (in comparison to my bombastic statistical onslaughts). You can catch it all here.