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Spurs Vs. Jazz Game 4 Post Game Thread - What a finish. Jazz go home. Spurs move on.

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Game 4: San Antonio Spurs 87 @ Utah Jazz 81

San Antonio wins series 4-0

The Jazz showed a lot of heart. The Spurs showed us respect by putting in Tim Duncan, Tony Parker, and Manu Ginobili at the end there. We didn't win the game. But I think our young team won a whole lot more by digging deep and fighting back from a late 20 point deficit.

I love the Jazz.

Instead of singling out plays, moments, lapses, and mistakes let's just use this thread to talk about what we appreciated. I appreciated that in a lockout shortened season, with so many disadvantages (young coach, no training camp, free agency was 8 business days), we made the playoffs.

While we got swept, we didn't make Game 4 an easy win. We fought for that game. At home. There were some hard fouls. There was some pressure defense. And there was a hope. A small, dim, hope.

But with time, seasoning, development, and trust -- we're going to have a very bright future.

This is why we are Jazz fans. This is why we care for this team -- because of inspired play by some of our least heralded players giving it all when the chips were down.

Feel free to share your thoughts in this thread. And before I end this -- shout out to the San Antonio Spurs, and Pounding The Rock. You guys earned this win, and this sweep. You are a model franchise, and model fans. If we were going to lose, you were the best example to lose to. Our team will only be stronger next season because of the lumps we took in this series.

Thanks also to all the Jazz fans, and readers at SLC Dunk.


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