What would you like to happen this offseason???

Since the season is over, we are all starting to think about this next season. What player are we going to draft? What trades are we going to make? What free agents will we grab? What improvements will our players make during the offseason? Since I've started pondering these questions, here is what I want to happen (after the jump). Do you agree? What do you want to happen (post in comments)?


Quite frankly, I don't think we're going to get much. I would like for us to trade for a pick, but, alas, I will refrain from that speculation for a moment. With our second round pick I would love for them to pick up Scott Machado. I was impressed with how he took control in the game against BYU in the tournament during the first few quarters. Iona lost control in the second half, but I feel that it showed some really great potential. Definitely the pass-first type of guy we need. He also shot 40.4% from the 3-pt line this year which is something we definitely need (actually, not just need but NEED!!!).


Let's be honest, Big Al or Paul need to go unless Paul starts playing the 3 at least half-time (and we trade Kanter) or full-time (and we keep Kanter). Devin is doing good and I think we would be fine to keep him. I want to see the Jazz trade either Al or Paul (or a combination) for either a good pick (Barnes, Lamb, or if we throw the right combination The Great Unibrow) or else a 3-pt shooter or any combination of the two. Something has to give in the log-jam because Favors must start next year.

Free Agents

3-pt shooter. Need I say more?


Hayward: Spot-up 3-pointers and ball handling. He needs to make his shot respectable to break zones and improve his ball handling to work better in traffic on drives.

Burks: Spot-up 3-pointers (notice a trend?) and finishing at the rim. He also needs to learn to break zones and to get a few and-1s instead of just tons of free throws.

Favors: Post moves and mid-range jumper. He has Awesome D, but the O needs some help.

Kanter: Rebounding, Defense, and put-backs. He seemed to lose the rebounding at the end of the season. Put-backs aren't happening.

Evans: Weight room or jump-shot. Pick one.

Devin: 3-point shooting (is this getting old yet?)

Paul: Adapting himself to being a small forward. I would love to keep him, but he will only really stay if he can play the 3 full-time or Al is traded. Also, 3-point shooting (I guess that would be included in becoming a 3).

Al: Defense of any nature and finishing strong, not weak.

Howard: Finding a new team.

Bell: Finding a new team.

CJ: Deciding to be consistent or finding a new team.

Tinsley: I'm fine with him right now actually. Great backup pg.

Earl: Shooting, especially from (you guessed it) the 3-point line.

Carrol: Coming back to our team.

Corbin: Using the 3-point line and improving rotations.

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