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The Lakers in Lakers (AKA The Locker Room Clean Out) Edition- The Downbeat #745

Its now been over a full day since the Jazz season ended, has it hit anyone yet? It hasn't hit me yet. It always takes awhile to sink it. I keep telling myself this off-season won't be nearly as bad as last off-season. There will be no lockout, there will be summer-league (though no RMR so sad, I've really missed it the last few years), we may or may not have a draft pick which will keep things interesting, and we will have free agency which will be better than last year since there is no lockout. Even though we have all of that its still the off-season. Bonus its not following the most horrible, tumultuous, awful, nightmarish, change- ridden season in Jazz history.

The Jazz cleaned out their lockers yesterday after being swept by the mighty Spurs. Locker Room Clean Out is always bitter sweet to me. I love hearing from all the players, its some of the longest interviews you get from the coaches, players and Kevin O'Connor. Its fun to hear what they all have to say about the season, it seems like they are all a little more open compared to the regular season. Yet it always marks the official end of the season.

Our Moni already has recapped some of the interviews in a way that only Moni can. Go here to see this and more

picture courtesy of @monilogue at Living and Dying by the Jazz

Players and Corbin were asked what was their favorite moment of the season, they nearly all answered with, when they made the playoffs.

When Enes Kanter was asked he replied

When we beat Lakers in Lakers- Enes Kanter

I love Enes Kanter, just thinking about him makes me smile.

It makes me happy that we have such young, talented yet good guys on our Utah Jazz. I love our youth:

Derrick Favors: fighting in the 4th and final game against the Spurs, taking down both Parker and Duncan in the process. Completely changing the Jazz defense when in the game. So so long and athletic, plus he likes everything that is good and not boring.

Alec Burks: exuding with confidence, always thinking he is the best. Remember when he scored 13 points on 6 of 6 shooting, in the 4th quarter in the Staples Center?

Jeremy Evans- Slam Dunk Champion, always happy, biggest smile in the NBA.

Gordon Hayward- so mature I almost forgot to include him in this happy young guy bullet. Our Laker-killer, our distributor, our lock-down defender. He will always be our Precious.

A lot was said of Raja's comments yesterday. I personally don't see what he said that caused such an uproar. Yes he was honest about his future with the Jazz and his feelings towards Ty, however, was any of it a surprise? There were mumblings that Raja was not happy with Ty last year, then the blowup this past February. The media and fans cry for players to be honest, Raja was and there seems to be backlash.

Remember back in the 2006-2007 season when Jarron Collins complained about his minutes?

Diana that was Jarron Collins who cares?! I only use him as an example because he was a vet who wasn't vital to the teams success much like Raja. Jarron and Raja both role players who were unhappy at some point with their role with the Jazz.

Sloan put Jarron's complaint to bed real fast. Jerry had been a coach for 20 some odd years at that point, he knew how to handle players that were not happy with him (or their role)

Ty is learning how to deal with conflicts with players. It seems like as an assistant coach, Ty was often the buddy to the players. Ty shortly had to leave that role and become the boss. If you are use to being the one to comfort players ( I am just assuming that was one of Ty's roles from what I've heard in radio interviews, read in articles etc) I imagine it would be such a tough transition to be the the enforcer, the final decision maker. I imagine Ty just plain didn't know how to handle the situation with Raja. It takes two to tango, mistakes were made on both ends. Either Raja will be here next year or he won't. The important thing is hopefully this experience has helped Ty grow as a head coach like any other new experience for him.

Players that are unrestricted free agents:

Josh Howard, Jamaal Tinsley, C.J. Miles.

If you had to chose one of the three to come back who would you chose?

*Edit Jamaal Tinsley is not an unrestricted free agent. The Jazz have a $1.35 million option on Jamaal. I am sorry for not checking my facts and just going off what I heard lol

KOC said that they had to make changes to the team but they don't need to blow it up in-order to improve. What changes would you like to see?

Just for fun highlights of our youth beating the Lakers