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Utah Jazz 2011-2012 Regular Season Statistics: April


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April was the last month of the regular season, and if it was not for the Utah Jazz going on a tear to win 9 of their last 13 games, it would have been the last month of the season. It was not. As a result the final data set for our players (and this summer's evaluations of them) are 4 games larger. Anyway, April. Here we take a look at what our players did from Game 53 to 66. [Also, I finally moved Jeremy Evans from being a wing player to being a bigman. It's just more reasonable this way, when comparing apples to apples.]


  • Player's name in green cell = if everyone is healthy, this is Tyrone Corbin's starter
  • Age, G, MPG, PPG, fg%, etc -- duh
  • Shots / Game, Points / Shot, Mins / Shot -- all of this should be very easy to understand
  • Assists / Game, A:TO ratio -- this is the franchise that John Stockton played for, and as a fan of this franchise, you should also understand this
  • PER = Player Efficiency Rating, this number is for the entire season
  • GO = Gestalt Offense, you may not get this. It's a weighted offensive statistic to see how much pressure you put on the defense. The higher it is the better.
  • USG% = essentially 'touches' in Andrei Kirilenko speak
  • O RTG = how many points your team scores, if you played 100 possessions.
  • D RTG = the same, but how many points the OTHER TEAM scores, if you play defense
  • Def Gambling = essentially a weighted formula that looks at success in steals or blocks, against the penalty of getting called for a foul
  • Pure Hustle = how many possessions you get your team against how many you give up
  • O.PPP = opponents points per posession
  • O.FG% = opponents FG% against you
  • Questions? Ask and I'll try to help!

The offensive side of the ball:

Click here for the full sized image.

Because of injuries not everyone played every game. But this was a great month for Al Jefferson, Devin Harris, and Gordon Hayward. They dominated their classes (Bigmen, wings, and point guards). Take a look at their PER, GO, and USG% for starters. That seems to take most of the busy work out of the equation. Harris and Big Al were at Go-To-Guy level in terms of Gestalt Offense, and Hayward was playing at a Scottie Pippen level on offense as well. Big Al also had a 7.5 assist to turn over ratio. Wow. Gordon had a 59.7 eFG%. Wow. And Devin has never played better in a Jazz uniform.

Other things to notice from April were:

  • Enes Kanter's 65.6 fg%
  • Derrick Favor's Karl Malone like PPS value of 1.41 points per shot
  • DeMarre Carroll killing it from the FT line (91.7 ft%)
  • Forgotten man C.J. Miles was our 2nd best offensive wing as seen in Go Rating, and Top in USG%
  • Alec Burks hitting 42.9 3pt% and doing a little of everything
  • Josh Howard absolutely gunning (One shot taken every 1.9 minutes on the court)
  • Raja Bell getting 0.0 fg% for this month
  • Earl Watson's 7.1 Assist to Turn over ratio
  • and Blake Ahearn's -7.3 PER

Everything Else:

Click here for the full sized image.

Jeremy Evans is the king of garbage time, and his production was out of this work in April. He averaged 3.0 combined blocks and steals per game, in a whopping 4 games. His activity skews this chart though, and it's clear that Jefferson, Millsap, and Favors all did some great things defensively in April. For the wings it was all about Gordon, DeMarre, and Alec. Alec flat out shuts people down. These stats INCLUDE him getting torched by Michael Redd -- so you know that even after all of that, he's stop the best wing defender. Earl is the best PG defender, but he also only played in 4 games.

Other things to notice from April were:

  • Josh Howard being Mr. Hustle in his 2 games
  • And Blake Ahearn being the most lockdown defender in the entire NBA

The Jazz were playing at such a high level in April, it made the playoff stats that much more insane. The Jazz were making threes, playing good defense, and scoring at a high rate in April. Almost everyone played like poop in the playoffs. As you'll see in the next post . . .