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Utah Jazz 2011-2012 Playoffs Statistics: First Round


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Remember how great the Utah Jazz played in April? Well, they played just the opposite of that in the playoffs.


  • Player's name in green cell = if everyone is healthy, this is Tyrone Corbin's starter
  • Age, G, MPG, PPG, fg%, etc -- duh
  • Shots / Game, Points / Shot, Mins / Shot -- all of this should be very easy to understand
  • Assists / Game, A:TO ratio -- this is the franchise that John Stockton played for, and as a fan of this franchise, you should also understand this
  • PER = Player Efficiency Rating, this number is for the entire season
  • GO = Gestalt Offense, you may not get this. It's a weighted offensive statistic to see how much pressure you put on the defense. The higher it is the better.
  • USG% = essentially 'touches' in Andrei Kirilenko speak
  • O RTG = how many points your team scores, if you played 100 possessions.
  • D RTG = the same, but how many points the OTHER TEAM scores, if you play defense
  • Def Gambling = essentially a weighted formula that looks at success in steals or blocks, against the penalty of getting called for a foul
  • Pure Hustle = how many possessions you get your team against how many you give up
  • O.PPP = opponents points per possession
  • O.FG% = opponents FG% against you
  • Questions? Ask and I'll try to help!

The offensive side of the ball:

Click here for the full sized image.

I want to say that missing Raja Bell, C.J. Miles, and Earl Watson contributed to our awful offensive performance; but I don't think it would have made much of a difference. Al Jefferson's fg% improved, but his points per shot value went down (you'll see this in a future post). All our wings couldn't made a three to save their lives (Josh did go 1/2). And none of our PGs could spread the floor -- except Ahearn in the end of Game 2. In April, Al's Go Rating was 90+, Harris was 90+, and Hayward was 70+. In the playoffs? 70+, 40+, and 30+ respectively. No one really stepped up to support them either. I don't want to pick apart the entire team here, but man, we sucked compared to April. I guess the San Antonio Spurs are good at defense, eh?

The Silver Lining:

  • Gordon Hayward still had 3.0 apg, and a 4:1 assist to turn over ratio
  • Big Al was passing the rock too
  • Hayward, DeMarre Carroll, and Alec Burks all got to the line and make a very good portion of their FTs
  • Alec Burks was also decisive and willing to do stuff with the ball, instead of being timid like some other rookie's we've previously had.
  • None of our PGs fouled out.

Everything Else:

Click here for the full sized image.

Josh Howard hustled a lot, and our three big guys averaged a lot of rebounds. Paul Millsap also blocked a ton of shots. Alec Burks was still our best wing defender. Jeremy Evans can't be scored upon. The playoffs are a completely different animal from the regular season. And our team learned that first hand this season. Very few guys did better. Which is normal. Anyway . . . on to the full regular season stats in the next post . . .