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Utah Jazz 2011-2012 Full Regular Season Statistics


Previous Monthly Breakdowns: December . January . February . March . April . Playoffs

Okay, so the playoffs didn't go so well; and for the season the Jazz had some good players and some bad players. Looking at the full seasons statistics gives us a better chance to understand who did what -- and where we need to target for improvement.


  • Player's name in green cell = if everyone is healthy, this is Tyrone Corbin's starter
  • Age, G, MPG, PPG, fg%, etc -- duh
  • Shots / Game, Points / Shot, Mins / Shot -- all of this should be very easy to understand
  • Assists / Game, A:TO ratio -- this is the franchise that John Stockton played for, and as a fan of this franchise, you should also understand this
  • PER = Player Efficiency Rating, this number is for the entire season
  • GO = Gestalt Offense, you may not get this. It's a weighted offensive statistic to see how much pressure you put on the defense. The higher it is the better.
  • USG% = essentially 'touches' in Andrei Kirilenko speak
  • O RTG = how many points your team scores, if you played 100 possessions.
  • D RTG = the same, but how many points the OTHER TEAM scores, if you play defense
  • Def Gambling = essentially a weighted formula that looks at success in steals or blocks, against the penalty of getting called for a foul
  • Pure Hustle = how many possessions you get your team against how many you give up
  • O.PPP = opponents points per posession
  • O.FG% = opponents FG% against you
  • Questions? Ask and I'll try to help!

The offensive side of the ball:

Click here for the full sized image.

Offensively, our best Big man was Al Jefferson, not that Paul Millsap was a slouch. They were the only guys on our team to finish the season with 20.0+ in PER. They carried the team for the majority of the season, and their Go Ratings (85+ and about 70) make them a very solid one-two punch. Yes, they're not as good as some other teams' best players; but they are the best players on this team. Our best wing was Gordon Hayward, not surprisingly. Raja Bell shot better, Josh Howard shot more frequently, C.J. Miles was used more -- but Hayward was the best over-all. And he was the best when it came to shots per game, and points per shot. It's really the cherry on top that he dished out 3+ apg and nearly broke 50 Go Rating in his second year in the league. Similarly, Devin Harris dominated the PG spot. Our major needs seem to be upgrading our wings and getting a real, legit, #2 PG.

Everything Else:

Click here for the full sized image.

All your PG defense are belong to Earl Watson! In other news, Alec Burks was our best wing defender, Josh Howard our best wing rebounder, and Gordon Hayward our best wing player in defensive gambling. Hayward has stealth length and sneaky athleticism. His effort on defense is going to be a big part of our team defense for the rest of his career. Inside, well, Paul Millsap stole everything, and Al Jefferson blocked everything. And everyone went hard on the glass. That said, there is a lot of room for improvement on defense. Everyone's D RTG is on the wrong side of 100.

These are the end of the season stats for our players. The next thing to do, logically, is to break down each player individually. And then, break down the players into groups.