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Training to avoid Carpal Tunnel - The Downbeat - #770

You may have heard stories of our players going away to Santa Barbara for the off season and working on conditioning and training at a complex called P3. But what is P3 exactly? Without boring you and taking you back to college physiology, it's a training facility that uses science and research to customize workouts to athletes in order to get their "peak performance." You can visit their website here and I suggest you do, because you will find a lot of info about your favorite Jazz players and see a video on their homepage of what appears to be Derrick Favors doing some workouts. I'm also working on finding a similar P3 performance studio for blog writers and if I do, I will send out the crew to train there on my dime. We could work on better sentences and more efficient arguments and what not. So stay tuned for that.

You have probably heard about Al Jefferson spending last summer there, working on his conditioning and speed and I think it is safe to say that all that hard work paid off. Jefferson made some definite improvements in his conditioning and lateral speed on the court. But did you know who were the first Jazz players to visit the complex? Paul Millsap and Ronnie Brewer, 5 years ago. In fact, Paul Millsap's case is one of the company's "case studies" featured on the website. Just don't expect the website to spell Paul's last name correctly. But you should definitely give it a read. It is super interesting. In short, the P3 complex helped Paul make better foot to ground contact, reducing pain and essentially prolonging his career by reducing the chances of knee problems. Since I can't post a sweet picture of Paul exercising at the complex, I decided to draw one instead. Here it is:

Also note that I only had like 6 colors to work with there.

This interview with Kevin Garnett has been circulating the web the last few days. It's 10 minutes long, but if you have the time, it is certainly worth the listen.

You probably have a strong opinion on Kevin Garnett. I've always been a big fan of his, not for his on court personality or his "tough guy" routine, but for his will to win. This interview is pretty amazing. It's super honest. There is no doubt that Garnett means every word he says. He wants to win above everything else. He wants to be part of the team. He doesn't care about putting up numbers. A lot of NBA players say that, but Kevin Garnett might mean it more than anyone else I have known in my lifetime. There isn't a Jazz player on the team right now that doesn't need to watch this interview and learn from it.

A name we have mentioned in passing, but that doesn't get mentioned enough with being a future Utah Jazz player is Jameer Nelson. Jameer Nelson to the Jazz in the next 18 months just seems right. In an ESPN insider piece this week, Nelson's name was attached to the Jazz by an NBA scout.

Here's the best of the rest and what several GMs and scouts had to say about them:

Point guards

Jameer Nelson: "Has to be the right fit. I could see Utah making a run at him."

Of course that quote was from a piece on the best free agents over 30. Nelson's best days are probably behind him. Nelson's inclusion in the piece is also surprising given the fact that he's not technically a free agent. Nelson has a player option he can pick up to rejoin the Magic for $8 million, but he has said that he would like to opt out and sign a longer free agent deal, but he hasn't done so yet, to the best of my knowledge. He would probably like to get away from the craziness in Orlando. All in all, this move just seems like it could happen and I am not sure that he is a significant upgrade over Devin Harris. He is a better 3 point shooter, but a similar passer and has less ability to get to the rim. Something to keep an eye on, though.

I thought this was pretty funny and true:


Only time will tell if this was a wise draft choice or not, but I thought it put some perspective in what the Jazz decided to do in terms of this draft. They selected a playoff series with the Spurs. Hopefully that will pan out for them.