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SLC Dunkers -- Let's get socially connected


Thanks 3Baileys, and click HERE for the full-sized image w/ legend!

Hey Dunkaroos, did you know that we're on Facebook and Twitter and G+ (right? someone should look into that). (Oh wait, *I* should look into that.) Are you similarly connected? I'm trying to make this a truly integrated community -- specially one where we branch out and interact across mediums. Also, it would make life easier for me to know who is a registered member of our community here who also occasionally tweets me. Not everyone's twitter handle is ALSO their SBN handle.

If you are part of some social network, and want to share, feel free to do so in the comments section. None of this info will be used against you in anyway. And none of this info will be shared outside of this page. I'm just trying to connect better with the rest of you guys. After all, it's the readers who make this a fun place to stop by everyday; and surely not me. (And I believe that too!)

Just as a primer, though, ALL of us writers are on twitter -- and we spend all day and all night talking about the Jazz. You may be missing out!