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FanPost about . . . #2 Winner: TIE thatdoolinkid & Aaron Vessel


To be fair, we're all winners here -- not just for who wins this FanPost contest, but us Utah Jazz fans in general. Why? Well, more than ever I'm super confident that Gordon Hayward is going to be a STAR in this league. And he'll be a star at whatever position the coaches play him at.

Check out the Submissions this week:

Entry Author Title Submission Date
1 Aaron Vessel Gordon Hayward - Where Do You Belong? June 5 11:19 PM
2 jazzyman Olive Gordon, what are you? June 7 1:22 PM
3 thatdoolinkid Which Box Does Hayward Fit in? June 9 5:29 PM

And yes, I could not decide between a winner between thatdoolinkid and Aaron Vessel's work. Aaron came back strong this round and brought it. And thatdoolinkid did as well. They both had data, statistics, and analysis. In the end it came to a picture of Gordon playing video games and a Lolcat. And only a cruel and unjust God would make a man have to choose one over the other. I am but a man! (I guess read that last part in a desperate Charlton Heston voice -- like how Ben Hur would talk on the Planet of the Apes)

Congrats to you two, and thanks to everyone who posted! I'm having a lot of fun reading the fun, well thought out arguments from our fan base. SLC Dunk may not be the biggest site with the most users; but I think we have one of the best communities out there and these FanPosts only serve to support that theory!