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The Rebounding Grunt Edition - The Downbeat - #774

Courtesy of JazzBasketball1, here's Kevin Durant in his 6th NBA game (Sonics vs. Jazz). The video also features Deron Williams before he got his hair did, Matt Harpring playing in so much gear you wonder how he can even move, trailing MoneymanMemo, Andrei Kirilenko's full arsenal of wild passes, Earl Watson, and B**chA*sAmbiguousEthnicityBoy.

Also, "finishes with a two-hand gripper" = UDQM.

Interesting comment from John Hollinger on Enes Kanter, via @seanp33:

I think he kept a lot hidden in his first year. He has a pick-and-pop game that he didn't get a chance to display because Utah basically just asked him to be a rebounding grunt.

Agree/disagree with this sentiment?

Here we have Gary Payton talking about his toughest matchup and giving major props to our own John Stockton. Earl Watson has said that Stock was the one guy that Payton never trash-talked:

The Dream Team documentary brought to mind how I became a Jazz fan. In a nutshell, I just loved watching Karl Malone play and so I continued following him when the NBA season began.

What brought about your Jazz fandom? For those that grew up in Utah or in Jazz fan households, was there a defining moment for you?

Brought up on Twitter today: What's happened to BTS? He hasn't written anything or tweeted in a month. Do journalists get one-month vacations?