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NBA Draft 2012: Can someone shut that window ?

Mar 12, 2012; Dayton, OH, USA; Brigham Young Cougar forward Noah Hartsock speaks during a press conference for the first round of the 2012 NCAA men's basketball tournament at Dayton Arena.  Mandatory Credit: Brian Spurlock-US PRESSWIRE
Mar 12, 2012; Dayton, OH, USA; Brigham Young Cougar forward Noah Hartsock speaks during a press conference for the first round of the 2012 NCAA men's basketball tournament at Dayton Arena. Mandatory Credit: Brian Spurlock-US PRESSWIRE

It's getting drafty in here . . .

You probably figured this out already via Facebook, twitter, e-mail, radio, print, and word of mouth -- but the Utah Jazz have started to get into draft mode. While we may not be able to catch up to the Golden State Warriors who have a four month head start, there is a lot of stuff that's going to go down in a short period of time. After all, the NBA Draft is on June 28th, and it's June 16th right now. Yeah. Less than two weeks go to.

The first domino to fall was the official announcement by the Jazz that, yes, you will get a chance to watch all of the first round in one place, and see our war room guys download Doo Doo Jump instead of, you know, doing 'work stuff'.

Anyway, the second domino is falling right now. We're working out prospective draft picks. Yup. Calling in all the big names. (Protip: You can tell how serious the team is about moving up in the 1st round based upon the types of guys we work out). Things started off today (June 16th) with these six players: Kim English, Jorge Gutierrez, Noah Hartsock, Robbie Hummel, Toure' Murry, and Maalik Wayns. (Spelled differently on the Jazz site, so who knows how to spell that name? Not me.)

More info on them, what we do in our workouts, and how good of an indication these are to what we're looking at . . . click onwards, dear reader!

Ancient History: The 2011 Predraft Workouts:

Last year we we worked out a whole buncha players. There were seven different work outs, and all in all, 30 evaluations and two no-shows (Kawhi Leonard and Marshon Brooks). Two dudes had a solo workout (Enes Kanter and Brandon Knight), and one guy worked out twice (Paul Carter) - and his workouts were 4 days apart! [Carter was invited to training camp too, but was one of the first cuts.]

Anyway, if you want to look the pre-draft work out list, stats, measurements, and other rumblings from LAST year, you can do so by easily clicking on this link.

So we had a chance to draft a bunch of guys but passed on them. At the #3 spot we passed on the Morris twins, Kemba Walker, Jimmer Fredette, Brandon Knight, and Klay Thompson. By the time #12 came around the only guys left were Alec Burks, the Morris Twins, and guys who snubbed us. And crappy players. Last year we had more options and worked out a billion guys.

The Jazz also worked out Gordon Hayward (June 6th 2010), Jeremy Evans (June 19th, 2010), Wesley Matthews (June 22, 2009), Goran Suton (June 22, 2009). and Serge Ibaka (June 22, 2008). So, I think it is safe to say that the guys we draft / sign DO come from our work out pool. That said, we do ALSO draft guys who did not work out for us (Kosta Koufos, Ronnie Brewer (only an interview), Morris Almond, etc). [Hey, I thought this was a non-objective blog, why are you doing research like this Amar? Not even the print media does this stuff. It's a nice day outside!]


Today's work out:

Well, the Jazz worked out six guys, five of whom are NCAA college seniors. Two of the seniors worked out were not even on 's Top 100 NCAA Seniors ranking page. Here's my appraisal of each of them based upon the 5 minutes of research I've done.


  • Jorge Gutierrez, California, Senior, PG/SG -- looks like a Hispanic player who has more street cred than Earl Watson (apparently the new demographic in the 801 according to some people). His metrics do not jump off the page because most of them are not recorded. He does have a 6'6 wingspan for a PG though. It's not Rondo level, but it's not bad for a 6'2 dude. His lane agility and sprint tests were under whelming, which means he's the perfect PG for Al Jefferson. In college he finished with 9.6 ppg, 3.8 rpg, 3.3 apg, and 1.1 spg in 129 career games. He shot 43.0 / 73.7 / and 34.0 from deep. Sometimes the Jazz bring in guards when they are testing out bigs, or bigs when testing out guards. It's hard to say if he was a guy they were taking a 1st look at, or a 2nd look (in terms of primacy of the workout)

  • Maalik Wayns, Villanova, Junior, PG -- he's another shrimpy PG with a short wingspan (6'2.75") and slow lane agility (11.13 sec) -- which means the "slow" Gutierrez dude is already a better defender. In college he played 95 games and finished with 12.5 ppg, 2.7 rpg, 3.4 apg, and 0.9 spg. He was money-ish at the line (84.8 ft%), but not so great from the field (41.2 fg%), or from deep (29.1 3pt%). Based upon the type of PGs we brought in, it appears that we were mainly focused on running the other dudes out and needed filler PGs for this work out.
  • Toure' Murry, Wichita State, Senior, PG/SG -- This dude made a game winner as a freshman. You know, four years ago. So that is nice. He has no DX measurements, so I don't know if he's fast or slow, or has shrimpy arms. I do know that in college he played 139 games, and finished with 11.1 ppg, 4.5 rpg, 3.1 apg, 1.3 spg, and shot 40.5 fg% / 76.3 ft% / 31.1 3pt%. Hmm, maybe this WAS a guard work out after all -- it's just that the guards we could possibly get at #47 all suck?
  • Kim English, Missouri, Senior, SG/SF -- The only thing you need to know is that over 141 NCAA games he has a career 3pt% of 39.4 3pt%. He also averaged 11.1 ppg, 3.0 rpg, 1.4 apg, and 1.1 spg. Was not a dead eye shooter at the line (72.7 ft%), or remarkable from the floor (42.0 fg%). He also has three different draft measurements, where everything, including his own damn height in socks, seem to change significantly. I guess he was thinking of opting into the draft as a Soph, Junior, and now Senior. Dude has better lane agility scores than the rest of the PGs tested today, and a 6'6.5 wingspan. Dude is not much of an athlete (27.8" no step vertical - Jimmer's was better). I do like the idea of drafting a late 2nd round shooting specialist. If there is one out of this bunch, it is him.


  • Noah Hartsock, BYU, Senior, PF/C -- apparently twitter does not think highly of this guy. Neither does DraftExpress who doesn't even list him. Anywhere. Period. I have no clue about this dude. He's a big who in 134 games in the NCAA averaged less than 5 rpg, but did shoot well. If that is what you are looking for I'm not going to be mad. Dude seems to be a pick and pop guy with his numbers being 54.5 fg% 84.1 ft% and 34.3 3pt%. He also averaged 1.3 bpg, not that blocking shots is a problem we as a team have.
  • Robbie Hummell, Purdue, Senior, SF/PF -- out of all the dudes brought in today, Hummell seems like the 'gem'. He averaged 14.0 ppg, 6.8 rpg, 2.1 apg, 1.0 spg, and 0.9 bpg. He did not shoot as well as anyone else, but across the board he was impressive. He did shot 84.1 ft% (2nd best), and 38.9 3pt% (2nd best). However it should be noted that the dudes who beat him in FT% and 3pt% were not the same dude. Over all he would be called the best shooter, if only he shot better than 44.3 fg% (which was also 2nd best). Athletically he is not super hot. He's a 6'8.5 dude (in shoes) with a 6'8.5 wingspan. That is remarkable for being equal to each other. He had a 8'6 standing reach though, and hit the bench press for 13 reps (3 less than PG Maalik Wayns). His 3/4 court sprint finished at 3.41 seconds. If he's a wing that puts him in -1 stdev range, and between Luke Babbitt and Eduardo Najera range. His lange agility was 11.56 seconds, and if he's a big, that's in the +1 stdev range, and between Shelden Williams and Craig Smith range.

If I was going to rank these guys I'd go Hummell 1, English 2, Ghetto Earl Watson 3. But, again, I did 5 minutes of research on them. I'd love to spend more time on these dudes and see more data. But as it stands, this is our FIRST draft work out. Usually the guys we bring on Day 1 are scrubs anyway (if history serves). Seriously, last year we brought in Dallas Lauderdale, Norris Cole, and Jeremy Tyler.

If you guys want to see more spread sheets (like last year -- click on the archive to find them) I can do that.

I don't know if we're going to work out so many guys this year, our #47 pick doesn't really attract a lot of suitors. But hopefully we'll bring in some better talent in the next few days -- which would be an indication of the Jazz actually thinking of moving up.

Time will tell.