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16 on the 16th: Jazz Swag-June Edition

We would like to welcome you to the first edition of 16 on the 16th. Following in the great tradition of Basketball John we would like to continue making this site, the site for the people. A site where everyone feels welcome and everyone feels part of the family.

16 on the 16th will be a monthly feature. Each month we will share a theme and will ask you readers to submit your photos and captions that match our theme. On the 16th we will share the photos we received from you. For example this month's theme is Jazz swag. We want to share with you our favorite Jazz memorabilia.

Please excuse that this month's feature is a day late.

[Ed. Note: Thank you for your patience, we're trying to still work out the kinks! PS. Diana is great at HTML. Shut up!]

Here are each of the 16 submissions this week, listing who submitted the awesome picture, and why it is important. Also note that each picture should be clickable now so it blows up correctly!

Diana Diana Alec Alec
2012-06-16_16-34-52_488 Photo_1 Photo_2
For my birthday a few years ago Lou bought these for me. Of the gifts I have received, they are one of my most favorite. They were made in the Ukraine. A co-worker of Lou saw them when she was there. Lou found them online and immediately bought them I love that Ostertag is the smallest, and his number is wrong. Here are my framed and signed jerseys of Derrick Favors & Gordon Hayward. I'm hoping in 10 years they'll be worth enough money to retire by. What a better way to bet your future on than a couple of jerseys from a team with no championships… right? These bad boys are my heads on sticks that I brought to Jazz games last season. I got a few winks and points from Matt Harpring… so we are basically BFF's.
Amar Dustin Dustin Dustin
Someofmystuff Dustin1
Photo__1_ Photo__2_
Here is some of my stuff. Most of my Jazz stuff is still (thankfully) in my bedroom at my parents' house. And most of my T-shirts and other custom made stuff are not here. But you can see stuff from a number of eras here. Horny T-Shirt (I have a Stockton one, and a Malone one in different colors); Jazz warm up jacket from AK era; crazy Alt-Malone jersey which I bought off of eBay when I was living in India (long story); Jazz shorts (not Stockton size, but not Big Dawg size either); a strange toy my cousin got me; a Christmas Tree Ornament my brother gave me; and the Lazenby book "Stockton to Malone." When I started my new job I had to get a new suit. I love navy and because it was custom, I HAD to do it like this. I love this picture. The photography is horrible, but that's not my gig. This little harbinger of destruction is my 2 yr old nephew. His previous Jazz sway was a D-Will onsey. A few months after receiving it D-Will was traded. You're on notice, Millsap. I found these at a thrift store. They were kind of expensive. I think those old ladies knew they could fleece some Jazz fan sap like myself. It's Ostertag, AK, and Matty Harp in Russian Matryoshka doll form. How could I not? You win this round, old ladies.
Yucca Yucca Moni Moni
Hoop Kidsforblog Moni Moni_2
This is the hoop in which the Yucca Kids hone their hoops skills. They have decided they will play for the Jazz. If they are drafted by another team they're going to simply play terribly until the team agrees to trade them to the Jazz. I'll explain what is and isn't the Utah Jazz way sometime in the future.

Here they are, getting to bed with all their Jazz gear. Yes, we often need to ask them to take off their hats to sleep.

: )

I still remember getting these at the new NBA store (which didn't stay open very long) that had opened up a block away from my high school. The posters were super expensive to high-school-kid-me, and whether that was because they were imported or framed or kids are easy to fool I don't know, but they were so big I couldn't carry them and had to get my parents to drive me to the store to bring them home. This is a sticker, but I used to have the actual pennant too. Love the mailbag detail.
Mat Mat Andy Andy
Andy1 Andy2

I got these jerseys for Christmas in 1996 from my big sisters. Before these guys turned up under the tree all I had was a couple of caps, and a Jacket; Jazz apparel didn't make it Down Under. I treasure these, and still get comments about them when I wear them in public. I've worn a Livestrong band on my right wrist every day since the early 2000. It started as a tribute to a mate who was fighting "The Big C" and I keep it there as a reminder to myself to Live Strong every day. Local rules for hoops here require that bands are covered or removed when you ball, but I don't take the band off ever. So I cover it with a Jazz wristband, which I tough when I walk on the floor and as a part of my free throw routine. In this way all my Jazz Fam are with me when I play. Stockton jersey, signed by the 10-11 team pre-Deron trade. Deron was too cool to attend the signing event. Live-sized Derrick Favors poster in my living room. The Jazz Bear gave it to me. I love him. Derrick is my child.

We hope you enjoyed our first edition of 16 on the 16th. We hope it is a fun way to really get to know each other, to make us feel more than ever like family.

[Ed. Note #2 -- SLC DUNK READERS -- the 16 on the Sixteenth for July is going to be made up of pictures YOU SEND IN from draft night. We wanna see pictures of you getting ready for the draft, going to the draft party, any good luck charms you may bring with you, what you're wearing, and so forth! Send them in to, uh, I guess me. Allthatamar at Gmail [dot] com.... We're going to do a new one EVERY MONTH!]