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Happy Father's Day

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Happy Father's day to everyone out there who is celebrating today (or yesterday if you live on the other side of the world)!

A few notes:

  • We are doing another Game thread for GM 3 today, hopefully more than just Diana shows up
  • We would 'normally' have a Sunday Syncopation but I'm trying to switch things up a bit, you may get a number of Syncopations in the next few weeks, and I'd like feedback on the different formats
  • Lots of good draft info to come in the next week or so
  • Lots of other cool 'crap' to come at SLC Dunk in the next few months too, so thanks everyone for stopping by and participating

Lastly, it's Father's day. I kind of think of the Utah Jazz father to be Larry H. Miller. Not only was he the patriarch for a certain group of people we cherish and appreciate, but he was also the 'Jazz Dad'. I miss him a lot, and I never met him. In the comments below feel free to write about whatever you want / share moments of your DAD / share feelings about LHM and how awesome he was.