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NBA Finals 2012: Thunder Vs. Heat Game 3 [Game Thread]

"<strong>LeBron, this is so easy I'll start shooting with one hand</strong>." --- Shane "<em>17 ppg in the NBA Finals</em>" Battier
"LeBron, this is so easy I'll start shooting with one hand." --- Shane "17 ppg in the NBA Finals" Battier

NBA Finals 2012

Series Tied: 1-1

Game 3 -- Oklahoma City Thunder @ Miami Heat

I don't really have a lot of junk to say about two teams I did not really scout during the regular season. That said, I think that the Heat are the lesser of two evils. Wade already has a ring, and their franchise is already ahead of the Jazz. Seattle has been to the finals before, and this is OKC's first foray. OKC is in our division and already gets a ton of BS calls in their favor. Making them "World Champs" only further makes the refs screw our Jazz over when we play. And we'll be playing them 4 times a year forever, not the Heat's 2 times. Four is bigger than two. And if you love the Jazz, and don't want the Jazz to get the screw job from the refs EVEN MORE than they already do, then you can't logically root for OKC.

Logic doesn't exist for some people though. I'm looking at the future of the Jazz. Making our division rivals harder to beat does not help us at all. It's not good vs evil. It's not "they rep the west". Did you guys root for the Lakers all those years, if you're saying "rep the west" now? Yeah. OKC is a nice team, they have great players and are already nearly impossible to beat. I don't need them to become absolutely impossible to beat. That's just my personal rant.

Go Basketball.