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NBA Draft 2012: Utah Jazz mock draft round-up #2

Let me tell you that when you have two lotto picks (like we did last season, and had a chance at this season) the NBA Draft holds a lot more weight for your team. This year, with the Utah Jazz having only a Sub-40 pick, well, draft sites have a lot less to say about us. There are TONS of draft websites out there, and very few good ones that even HAVE a completed second round mock up. Well . . . here's what we're looking at this week:

Mock Draft 2012
Date Updated Site Player School
June 14 2012 . Kevin Jones 6'7 251 PF . West Virginia Sr.
June 15 2012 . Scott Machado 6'1 180 PG . Iona Sr.
June 16 2012 . Kyle O'Quinn 6'10 241 PF . Norfolk St. Sr.
June ? 2012 Chad Ford's Top 100 . Mike Scott 6'9 241 PF . Virginia Sr.

BTW, in the mock draft round-up #1 the names on the list were: Henry Sims, Jae Crowder, Darius Johnson-Odom. I'm recording all of them so I can do more robust analysis of them all and compare them.