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Jazz Forward Jeremy Evans is still awesome

I think it is fair to say that we all love Utah Jazz Forward Jeremy Evans. He's shy, he likes to draw, and he's BFF with Gordon Hayward. He's also super efficient when he plays and is a freak of nature. We all know about his dunking ability and quickness in changing direction -- but he also is capable of using his physical strengths on defense as well. He had a great close out block on a baseline jump shooter around the end of the season; frankly, the only other person I would have expected to be able to make that play would have been a young, uninjured Andrei Kirilenko.

Jeremy Evans is awesome though. But there is more to it, of course.

Evans remains a curiosity though. Does he project to ever be a legit rotation guy and occasional, situational, starter? What is holding him back: his body frame/weight; his lack of a true position; his experience and confidence; his overly one-dimensional game? Maybe all of the above? I don't expect Evans to fill out like Karl Malone. He's a vastly different type of forward. However, one could argue that a little time with the Mailman wouldn't be a bad thing. For one, Karl was able to excel at defense on the ground. He figured out a way to use the body, and body angles to his advantage. And, dude could shoot. If Evans can get a legit 18 footer he'll be on the court more and more.

Also, one could argue, that Evans doesn't know how to play basketball yet. He hasn't had a chance to figure it out, and the team has made no effort to instruct him. Right now he relies upon his physical gifts, which will only diminish each year he plays in the league, each year that he himself ages. I used to think that sending Enes Kanter and Derrick Favors to spend the summer with Karl would be the best thing for them, now I see Jeremy should go too.

Alas, that'll never happen. Enes is at P3 right now in Cali, Evans is going to get married, and Favors is in parts unknown.

Jeremy may never get to be a legit rotation guy, but we can't deny the fact that who he is right now as a player is still pretty awesome.