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Even more Jeremy Evans . . .


According to, our Free Agent Jeremy Evans has a bottom level qualifying offer starting at $1.05 million dollars. The Jazz love to do ZERO work though. They did not shop Deron Williams around, they just swooped up and took the best deal left on the table after the Denver Nuggets got rid of Carmelo Anthony. They did not offer reasonable contracts to Wesley Matthews and Paul Millsap -- instead letting the market dictate their price. And the end result was that the Utah Jazz had to TAKE OUT A BANK LOAN in order to pay Millsap after matching him, and losing Matthews entirely. All this money stuff can be confusing and cuts into PETT. (Professional executive tee times) Don't believe me? Come draft time take a look to see which of our front office guys has a tan / farmers tan and you'll know.

Anyway, Jeremy Evans. I clearly don't think he's starter material, and for the most part, neither do you. That said, we do need warm bodies to fill out our roster. We could always opt for signing washed up veterans who'll cost twice a much though. That worked so well this past season. I don't know, even if you sign Evans at a 25% increase from his minimum contract as per terms of the QO, and give him 15% raises that would be more than enough to keep him signed for a while. And even if he's only there as insurance he can always still remain a guy on contract to make other deals work.

[Edit: Double checked my math, I was wrong. Here are the real values.]

Base QO $1,054,389
+25% $1,317,986 <-- Offer this starting Salary
+15% $1,515,684 <-- Year 2
+15% $1,743,037 <-- Year 3
+15% $2,004,492 <-- Year 4 (Team Option)
Total: $6,581,200 per 4 years (inc last year Team Option)

Perhaps this is way too generous still, but I'd offer him this before the Portland Trail Blazers offer him a flat $2m a year, which would end up costing us more. There is, of course, option 3 -- which is just pissing Evans off by not communicating with his people and make him go to another team. That's the best way to make sure Gordon Hayward loves this front office. We all know Deron Williams high fived the team for getting rid of Ronnie Brewer and Kyle Korver. Oh wait, Evans isn't as good as either of those guys. His asking price is also much lower. Even the absurdly hypothetical $2.0m he COULD get if the Jazz pick up his team option could just be there to make salaries match in a future trade.