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The Jazz will eventually get the Golden State Warriors pick . . . it just may not be worth anything when they do

While we can only assume the validity of work put out on a web site that is littered with popups . . . has this bit of information on the Golden State Warriors pick that they owe to the Utah Jazz. I was wrong into thinking that the protection is relaxed a bit for next season. According to this information, though, it is not.


If this is indeed the case Golden State only needs to keep up the charade for yet another year and come out with another pick. The protection is loosened only in 2014 -- two years from now. And then after that it becomes two second round picks, in non consecutive years. I'm absolutely certain the Warriors aren't going to somehow magically grow a backbone and try hard for the playoffs.

So, enjoy it Mark Jackson. OKC, DEN, and UTA will always be better than you. LAL and LAC will as well, in your own division. SAS may dip down after 2014, but I think MEM and DAL will remain obstacles. HOU will be better. PHX will be worse. POR and MIN will be better than you too. Maybe even SAC. Your team is going to stink, no matter how many lotto picks you hoard.