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Jazz Free Agency 2012: How much would our 2nd round draft pick add to our cap?

Why is this man important to the Utah Jazz?
Why is this man important to the Utah Jazz?

You may or may not have heard that we have a draft pick coming up. Unlike the previous trend in past seasons where we collected top shelf talent, this year the dude we draft is almost 100% never going to be an All-NBA guy. (Yeah, future #47 dude, prove me wrong. I'd like to be wrong about this) Those lottery picks aren't cheap though. Not just in the future on the open market, but all of them came into the NBA making money. After all, next season Derrick Favors will make $4.8 million, Enes Kanter will make $4.3 million, Gordon Hayward will make $2.7 million, and Alec Burks will make $2.1 million. These are NOT the cheapo low self-esteem rookies who cost less than $1m that we're used to bullying. Just as a point of reference their ages will be 21, 20, 22, and 21 next year. Food for thought.

While this isn't going to be the "big Jazz salary cap" post (that'll come closer to free agency), this is a post relating to it specifically in that I find out how much our 2nd round, pick 47 will set the cap back by.

  • Rookie contracts for draft picks are hard coded so we don't get another Glen Robinson situation where his rookie contract is for $100 million dollars
  • All picks get assigned how much money their first contract is based on how high (or low) they are drafted
  • How much this is will be based upon the NBA's Basketball Related Income (BRI), which also determines the cap
  • Next year's Salary cap (2012-13) will be the same as this present year's salary cap (2011-12): $58.044 million
  • This means that the guy picked #47 this year will earn as much as the guy who picked #47 last year: Travis Leslie
  • Leslie's contract goes as: $500,000 in rookie year, with future successive unguaranteed years at $762,195, and then $884,293. His fourth year qualifying offer as a free agent would start at $1,148,163. But Utesfan89 just showed us that this dude will probably not reach that second contract with the Utah Jazz . . . so . . . yeah . . .
  • Thanks to ; ; and Larry Coon's NBA Salary CAP Faq.
  • Oh, what about the Jazz? Well, right now we're under the cap so we def have the money to sign a dude for $0.5 million -- but that's really only an issue if we draft someone who isn't a pro in Europe who is living la bella vida over there.