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Sappy Sap Sap's Short-Shorts Edition- The Downbeat #778


I love following P3. I often feel that we get more information from them about our players than we do from the Utah Jazz. (I don't know who @KrizzzyS is so if its you great job) For example last week I posted a video on here from P3's twitter account of Derrick Favors. Later P3 posted it to their Facebook account but with a longer explanation of Favors progress


They posted this video about Paul and Favors. We also get a special treat of Enes being cute Enes in the background.

Sometimes we talk about the development of Jazz players compared to the rest of the NBA. I don't know how well we develop players compared to the rest of the league. I do know that I like that they provide opportunities for our players like P3 to train.

Its great to see our team working out together building those bonds, developing chemistry. Now if we can keep all this young talent together and build something truly special.

If you could workout with one player or watch one player workout at P3 who would it be?

We all know Karl Malone has a weekly program on ESPN 700, Wednesdays from 4-6 p.m. I was not able to listen to it this week (I am not a huge sports radio listener anymore so I honestly often forget its on) . I hope Moni does her usual recap of it because I hear this week it was great.


Did anyone listen? Any cool stories or highlights? Charles recently said that he was a better player than Malone. I hope they talked about that. Barkley was great but he was no Malone.

Recently came across this fun stat about Malone


Here is the definition of win share (for more information on how it is calculated read the interesting article here)

Win Shares; an estimate of the number of wins contributed by a player

Look at those Finals year he was 2nd in the league and then 1st in helping his team win. Even when Karl was a rookie he was 5th in the league, he was helping the Jazz to win even as a rookie! Way to go Karl!

Our current # 1 option Al's highest win share was this year at 7.8 all time comparisons that puts Al with these players. LOVE Al but those aren't #1 options on other teams.


Jeremy Evans is getting married! Read DJJazzyJody's awesome article about Jeremy

Not only is the 24-year-old getting married, but he's also getting his braces off — both life-changing, memorable moments in their own right.

I don't know why but when I pictured players on the Junior Jazz summer tours I pictured them in a tour bus but nope they're just taking turns driving in a car with a Junior Jazz rep (even more KUDOS to them for doing these tours)

Jazz youth programs coordinator Nate Martinez is there to guide him around the vast region and help with the driving, and Evans and his college sweetheart/bride-to-be Korrie Walters are soaking in the diverse scenery from West Wendover to Kanab and having a blast with youngsters.

Jeremy wants to come back to the Jazz

"I'd love to be back with the Jazz," Evans said. "Hopefully, I'm around for the future — Gordon (Hayward), Derrick (Favors), Alec (Burks) and Enes (Kanter). I know they'll be around, and I'd love to play with them."

Jeremy knows what's up, he knows how awesome our future will be (or our present if we use them) and we want Slam Dunk Champion, Jeremy back with our team!

It is reported that Dwight Howard wants to play with Deron in Brooklyn. Is that the best case scenario for those two from a Jazz perspective? I know we hate super-stars joining up together because as Amar puts it no one ever says "I'm taking my talents to Salt Lake" Isn't it better (if those two have to team up) to keep them in the East and not on the Mavs or the Lakers?

Our brilliant amazing awesome friend Shandonfan is at it again

I get so excited watching these players. Thanks KOC for making the moves to get us these incredible incredible players!