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NBA Finals 2012: Game 5 - Coronation of a King, or do the Thunder live for another day?


NBA Finals Game 5

Oklahoma City Thunder @ Miami Heat

Series 3-1, Heat lead [Elimination Game]

Here we have an opportunity to see two different teams face off, again, for the fifth time in a row. We have Miami, the high powered, star driven team in a hot free agent location. Of their top players only one of them was drafted by the team. And even in terms of their supporting cast, it's made up of guys like Battier and Miller, etc. Only Haslem was a draft pick. Miami is the best team you can buy. Guys took less money to join up because the team is in an attractive place to play. All three main guys stayed in the same conference.

We also have Oklahoma City, which is made up primary of guys they did draft (KD, Russ, Harden, Serge, Nick, etc). They are super young, have played together for a few years (Miami's core is in their 2nd year), had that continuity, and also got playing time early. They took it on the chin early, but they didn't feel the need to slow the progress down of their future core by trying to make the playoffs with Ray Allen and Rashard Lewis years ago. They ripped off the band aid quickly. It stung, but they got over it.

Two different teams. One NBA Finals Trophy. A million lessons to learn about the game by watching them. A million things to learn still from this series. The season isn't over yet. Especially not here at SLC Dunk : )