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The Armchair GM Edition - The Downbeat - #779

[obligatory mention of the 2012 NBA Champions Miami Heat*(*) and NBA season being over, from someone who wasn't interested enough to watch it end]

(*) I reached out to Phil Jackson to ask when that asterisk should go up next to "Miami Heat." He responded, "Immediately." So there it is.

If you love Jeremy Evans and want to get him something nice for his wedding, here's your chance! Head over to his wedding registry and pick out something pretty.

[Disclaimer: I am not a stalker. I accidentally stumbled across this. :) ]

Speaking of Jeremy Evans: It seems like when the lockout ended/season started and Jeremy was of course asked about his efforts to gain weight, he seemed pretty resigned to being unable to gain weight.

Last week, Karl Malone had David Robinson guesting on his radio show and David related that as a freshman at the Naval Academy, he was 6'7", 172 lbs. (i.e. 20 lbs. lighter than Jeremy Evans), and labeled a "swizzle stick in a blender" by a sports reporter. He said that he was just physically unable to eat as much as he needed to to gain weight, and that he knew he was always going to be outweighed by 25-30 lbs. as an NBA center. Therefore, he had to be 1) stronger; 2) in better shape. David hit the weight room hard, and the result was probably the most sculpted physique in the NBA of that era.

I realize there's a great difference between an 18-year-old that's still growing and a 24-year-old that's probably done growing, but is there some lesson to be learned here for Jeremy? At the peak of his career, what type of role do you see him playing?

Don't think I've seen this video posted here before. I used to love watching Inside the NBA and NBATV's studio shows, but then the powers that be hired Shaq and I've had no desire to watch since then. In this segment from a few months ago, the crew debates the merits of one Mailman against one Worm.

(Have to click through, because doesn't believe in embedding.)

Randy Rigby on 1280 this week:

Josh [Howard] performed extremely well for us this last year and did everything and acted every way we would want him to.

This, in conjunction with 1) Tyrone Corbin being the driving force behind the Josh Howard signing and 2) what seems to be an overwhelmingly unanimous opinion on the performance of Josh Howard this season, leads to the (perhaps somewhat) tongue-in-cheek poll below.

For more hours a day and more months out of the year than we should, we sit at our desks and play armchair GM for our beloved Jazz. At the end of the day, however...