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NBA Free Agency 2012: SL TRIB's Tony Jones reports that decisions on DeMarre Carroll and Jamaal Tinsley coming in a week


The Salt Lake Tribune's Tony Jones reported that the Utah Jazz, who have previously given indication that they were going to bring back point guard Jamaal Tinsley and forward DeMarre Carroll, have until June 30 to make their decision. While Carroll is a more special case, Tinsley does have a specific deadline. A contributing factor in all of this could be the NBA Draft. If the Jazz do draft a point guard it could spell the eventual end to Tinsley's tenure here. That said, the old Jazz doctrine was 3 PGs for a 12 man roster. We today exist in the 15 man roster days of the NBA, expanding and evolving our doctrine means that the 3:12 ratio can persist if we go for 4 point guards per 15 players.

Of course, we only went 15 last year because of injuries. So I see the Jazz brass' collective point. The minimum we need is 13 players. My point is that if you wanted to fill your roster on the cheap (which seems to be something we want to do until some of our expensive contracts expire), it would be hard to find three cheaper spots than DeMarre, Jamaal, and the prospective #47 pick: a combined $2,737,301 -- or 4.7% of next years salary cap to lock up 23.1% of our entire roster. (If you "can't numbers good" this is a steal for the Jazz) So I don't think the #47 draft pick should decide the fate of two guys who played hard in the playoffs for us. Two guys who are so super cheap.

Check out Jones' article at SL TRIB here. It goes into more details and explains things better than I can.