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Quick Poll: What is the most important defensive breakdown to address?

"What me defense?"
"What me defense?"

Even though we don't have any three point shooters, or a play book that gets shots for three point shooters, or an offensive emphasis on floor spacing -- we were still a pretty good offensive team. Well, pretty good relatively speaking. STILL! It's the defense that needs a lot of work. Last season the Utah Jazz were ranked 23rd out of 30 in opponents PPG. And the Jazz were ranked 19th in Defensive RTG. By these rankings this was the WORST defense club in the last 30 years of Jazz history in terms of Opponents ppg ranking and 4th worst in defensive rating ranking. (The raw comparative data isn't much nicer when you look at just the previous 30 Jazz seasons)

Numerically there were a lot of other problems besides the opponents PPG or our Defensive RTG. Only one team sent their opponents to the free throw line more, and only one team surrendered more points at the line. (#29 in opponents FTM and #29 in opponents FTA -- 26.2 FTA per game for the other team) Off the books, and onto the floor we had trouble guarding the pick and roll. We had trouble rotating to help the helper. And we had trouble dealing with dribble penetration. Some of these problems are related to one another; however, they can be cut up and viewed one their own.

Which is the biggest singular problem (isolated from any related problems) on defense?