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July Sixteen on the 16th Open Call - We want your entries!

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Hey SLC Dunkers!

You may or may not have had time to check out or appreciate Diana's great work a few days ago with one of our new sections, the "Sixteen on the 16th." If you did miss it, you can check it out again here! The topic for the original entry was some of the Jazz merch that we had lying around. And because it was the first one (and right after the crazy purge of images here at the site) we decided to just use some of the stuff we SLC Dunk writers had. That is not the long term goal of this feature though.

So for July 16th's episode we would like you guys to e-mail in your photos! And the topic for next month's episode is "The 2012 NBA Draft." The draft is going to be this Thursday, June 28th. So, We would love it if you guys took pictures of yourself, your lucky charms, praying the night before, getting ready in your draft gear, going to the draft party, pictures of the event, and your reaction to what happens that night.

Send your submissions to us, I guess technically me (allthatamar at, and Diana will put them up in the July Sixteen on the 16th.