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The Utah Jazz Blog Podcast #147 [Out going link to @TheUtahJazzBlog .com]


Some of you guys may have heard TUJB's June Podcast already, but if you did not you can catch it here, for free! (No subscription / Insider fee!) Join Spencer, Jimmy, and Ryan as they discuss a whole buncho stuff, like:

  • NBA Finals reactions: Miami Heat win, Oklahoma City Thunder lose
  • The Utah Jazz Draft Party on Thursday, June 28th. They are going to be there, some of our SLC Dunk guys will be too. I propose that we piggy back and cross promote the heck out of this pre-draft meet up / tweet-up
  • DeMarre Carroll / Jamaal Tinsley decisions
  • Paul Millsap contract extension, specifically in relation to the great work by Peter J Novak's piece at their site (check it out here , and tweet at Peter @Peter_J_Novak )
  • and Re-Drafting the 2006 NBA Draft (#1 Andrea Bargnani, #2 LaMarcus Aldridge, #3 Adam Morrison, etc...)

Check it all out at and their Podcast #147 here!