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NBA Draft 2012: Jazzfans, What would you give up to move up?

A few days ago we looked at some of the ways the Utah Jazz could move up into the first round of the 2012 NBA draft. If you missed that post you can check it out here. While we'll never know how hard the Jazz are maneuvering right now, we fans do know that we have some pieces available. Conservatively speaking, in my estimation the Jazz would be willing to hear offers for one of their special seven (Al Jefferson, Paul Millsap, Devin Harris, Derrick Favors, Gordon Hayward, Alec Burks and Enes Kanter); but may be more willing to part with a number of the draft picks they are yet owed from Golden State, Chicago, and New Jersey / Brooklyn plus a few table scraps (Raja Bell) instead. I don't think that that offer, even if it included the rights to some of our promising European talent, gets us into the first round.

The Jazz may have to bite the bullet and remove one of their major pieces to do just that. Who would you move, if you had to move up? Or should we not move anyone unless there's a player who falls who we MUST get. Who is this player for you? What draft range in the 1st round should we target? Are we having fun yet?