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Free Agency 2012: Ante Tomic may leave my computer. What?

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A few days ago Jazz Fan and handsome devil @My_Lo tweeted a story from a Spanish newspaper that talked about some of the decisions Real Madrid will have to make on three of their stars: Novica Velickovic, Martynas Pocius, and our very own Ante Tomic. You can catch the full report here (en Espanol), or here (in 'Engrish'). Below is a screen sap of the 'Engrish' version


Internet, I love you. Don't ever change.

Basically the point of the article is to high light the fact that Tomic is basically a UFA next year. Which works out great because that's also a) the year both Big Al Jefferson and Paul Millsap come off the books, and b) we may be in the market for a tall fella then. And basically, the point of this post at SLC Dunk was to show that screen cap.

Tomic is still an interesting player. Maybe he'll never be a huge banger, but if you are looking for a younger Rik Smits guy, he could be your guy. After all, we already have Enes Kanter and Derrick Favors for all of our banging needs. Smits off the bench? Another great draft pick by Kevin O'Connor.