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Favorite Olympic Moments -- So many to choose from . . .

Have any of you guys looked at the date? No? Go ahead, I'll wait. Did you see that, it's 2012? And it's almost July. What does that mean? Well, because 2012 is a multiple of four it's an Olympic year. And because it's almost July, the Summer Olympics are right around the corner! I'm actually pretty keen on the Winter Olympics myself, and I can imagine some of you Utah Jazz fans are as well -- seeing how Salt Lake City was the host of one of them!

But there are amazing Olympic moments at every games. From Jesse Owens 'owning' Nazi Germany, or Kerri Strug landing a crazy gymnastics vault on a broken ankle - there are almost limitless stories to fall in love with!

Let's share some of our favorites (including Dream Team ones!) . . . more after the jump!

And who can forget this moment?

*Snif* Oh, I think I have some dust in my eye. . . . I wonder what that says about me that out of all the Olympic highlights available to us I picked two where they showed that the strongest part of the body is the heart. (I see you Carlos Boozer.)


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