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NBA Draft 2012 -- Live SLC Dunk PRE-draft tonight at 7 pm Mountain time

Hey all, tonight we are going to try out some new software at the site -- and we need you all to crash the slcdunk server all at once so we can test the results. It's going to be awesome. Or buggy. Or be like the Large Hadron Collider and create an non-discernible rift in the Space|Time continuum where we now exist in a parallel dimension -- but one where LeBron James has an NBA Championship ring. Please stop by, and give us your feelings on how things are going. If you like what you see then we'll iron out the wrinkles and hold the NBA Draft in a "live" manner with this system. You are probably already familiar with this set of software, it's that 'CoverItLive' stuff that you seen on all the cool websites.

We are also going to approximate an NBA draft during the proceedings. I invite you all to come by to make pithy comments.