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NBA Draft 2012: The Pre-Draft before the Draft w/ Comish Amar

[Ed note. Wow. I hope that was good for you too. The "Free Trial" is 25 clicks. What the heck . . . ?]

[Ed. note #2 -- Don't bother clicking on that thing. The draft is taking place in the game thread comments like usual.]

Clearly I have no idea what I am doing. But at the very least, we'll be doing it together. And that's what matters.

Team Player School Position Comment
1 New Orleans Hornets Anthony Davis Kentucky PF/C | : )
2 Charlotte Bobcats Bradley Beal Florida SG Not quite Jessica
3 Washington Wizards Thomas Robinson Kansas PF "Tweener"
4 Cleveland Cavaliers Michael Kidd-Gilchrest Kentucky SF MKG
5 Sacramento Kings for Dallas Mavs
Harrison Barnes North Carolina SF traded for Odom's rights
6 Portland Trail Blazers Andre Drummond UConn PF/C Instantly disintegrates.
7 Golden State Warriors Austin Rivers Duke PG/SG Whuuut?
8 Toronto Raptors Damian Lillard Weber St. PG Traded to Phx
9 Detroit Pistons Jeremy Lamb UConn SG I will stay at my house for the first month of the season
10 New Orleans Hornets Anthony Davis' twin sister Kentucky ? Little girl Two eyebrows.