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NBA Draft 2012: Today is the big day, can Lightning strike thrice for Kevin O'Connor?

Today is the big day. We have covered the draft quite a bit these last few weeks. There's so much more to cover today before the draft even starts. But, probably the more reasonable question beyond "Will the Utah Jazz make a move?" should be "Can Lightning strike thrice for Kevin O'Connor?" He was lucky enough to have it strike twice (iirc) in the second round, on pick #47. That's where we're (for now) picking from today.



I am critical of his free agent decisions, and his late first round strategy. But if there was something we all have to trust KOC on, it is his 2nd round drafting ability. Our scouts work very hard. I would not be surprised to find another solid rotation guy fall into our laps today.

After all, history suggests that when it comes to the second round, the Jazz picks can be flat out electric. Right Jeremy Evans (2nd round, pick 55)?

Even if the Jazz don't get another Mo Williams or Paul Millsap - I'd be happy to draft another guy to fill out the bench like Elevator Evans. I think most of us would too.