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NBA Draft 2012: Utah Jazz Draft Grades

When you are unwilling to make a big splash just to make a big splash you just kinda slip into the pool with little fan fare. (Man it's hot, I'm going to the pool after work) The Utah Jazz did not make a big splash in the draft, and they really did not need to. And as a result, we did not have high expectations. And the people who grade drafts for their j-o-b-s did not either. We got some soft grading this year, but when you're picking at #47 there are some systematic limitations with just what you can expect.

For the record, I gave the Utah Jazz a B. They picked Kevin Murphy, and I wrote 6.6k words about him here (including two charts, one table, some bullet points, and some quotes). Here's how the rest of the internet felt:

Utah Jazz 2012 Draft Grades ??? B- N/A B+ C+ B+ A 6.1
Yahoo! Ball Don't Lie B

How did you feel?