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Remembering the '97 and '98 Utah Jazz Finals Teams - Shandon Anderson

During the NBA Finals years I don't think I could have been a bigger Utah Jazz fan. I even broke my private school's dress code by wearing Jazz stuff on game days. I got in trouble, stuff went on my permanent record I was told! Anyway, I think one of the key elements of those finals teams was the fact that back then we were able to mix our super veterans with young blood. You can't be all old guys. You can't be all young guys. You need to find harmony. I think Shandon Anderson was just one of those younger guys who was able to come in, do his job, and play at a very high level.

Part of it was his game, and part of it was understanding the offense. And probably the understated thing was that playing alongside two Hall of Famers -- the defense probably didn't worry about you too much. Some of our younger wings right now come from a better pedigree, but Anderson understood the game because his older brother Willie was at this level. Shandon had an under-rated basketball IQ

And watching these old videos makes me miss him. Man, why can Gordon Hayward and Alec Burks cut as hard as him, and why can't Big Al Jefferson see them when they do? For our sake, I hope they can learn something from our glory days. Shandon 'had to' leave the team sooner than we'd like. But let's not forget how productive he was as a young player.